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Oh, baby!



While I’m not personally with child, nor have I adopted one of my own, most of the people close to me have expanded their families by way of baby.

It’s made me realize one thing for sure: through the 2 a.m. feedings and the fact that breast pumps look like they belong in a dairy barn — not anywhere on a woman’s body — babies aren’t all glossy infant portraits and soft, powder-smelling cuddle bugs. They are actually a lot of work.

Babies aren’t cheap, either. They need lots of things, from half moon-shaped pillows for nursing to crib bedding. Sometimes moms and dads get overwhelmed with all the must-haves for infants, and they tend to skimp on clothes, especially those sized out of the newborn range.

Here’s where I, as the best auntie around, can try to lend a hand in this world of pacifiers and changing tables. I can shop for clothes!

Usually, it’s imperative to have at least two to three outfits planned for each day, not to mention the spare kept in the car and diaper bag. Then you have to keep in mind how fast the little creatures grow. That’s a lot of outfits!

For an ample clothing supply, try out Classen Curve’s stylish Uptown Kids (5840 N. Classen Blvd.; 418- 8881). Splurge on some pieces from Mustard Pie Clothing, a vibrant line with bold colors and patterns, or Persnickety, with more subdued colors but perfect for those toddlers or soon-to-be toddlers.

If you’ve got friends who have yet to welcome their little one home, encourage them to register here.

If Mama, Daddy or Baby is environmentally forward, consider shopping at Green Bambino (5120 N. Shartel; 848-2330). Baby registry is available here, as well.

The store carries Econobum, one of the most economical brands of cloth diaper. At the beginning, cloth diapers can be an expensive undertaking, so gifting a box is a great way to help with the endeavor. The staff at Green Bambino is also a wealth of information about all things baby.

If you’ve gotten overloaded and want to pick up something for the baby — and maybe something for its parents — head to Blue Seven (7518 N. May; 604-5199).

You have to buy your niece, nephew or child a pair of tiny Toms shoes.

If you don’t look at a pair and squeal with delight, it probably means you don’t have a soul. Grab them in bright pink and silver or pick up some of the latest fall colors. Right now, all kids’ books, hats and toys are half-price, so it’s the perfect time to go shopping.

Babies are a lot of work, but, I must admit, totally worth it. And if you don’t have any of your own right now, enjoy being the cool aunt or uncle by bringing them cute clothes and shoes. Let’s shop, OKC!

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