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Oh, Hobby Lobby



 Oklahoma-based store ownership has loudly proclaimed anti-support for ladies’ healthcare (specific birth control methods) and would not support a female’s right to choose what happens to her own body (abortion and surrounding issues) because of reasons credited to religion.

But, apparently, the Bible-thumping business will support beliefs other than Christianity if it makes the company a profit and keeps a lawsuit off the books. That’s how it looks to us, anyway.

to, Hobby Lobby recently released a public apology
for its lack of Jewish-friendly holiday decor and promised it was in no
way rooted in anti-Semitism. Company management credits a demand for
the holiday fare as a reason its shelves will soon be lined with
Hanukkah happiness.

employees also have exploited the seemingly bigoted vibe that some say
HobLob exudes. reported that an employee of a New Jersey store
made a bawdy comment when a customer asked if the store carried bar
mitzvah cards.

Company president Steve Green quickly issued another
public apology.

The statements were released to dispute allegations of misconduct (give
that damage control team a raise, y’all!), which is way more than many
believe Hobby Lobby will allow women in its employ. Maybe it’s because,
after all, Jesus was a Jew (and a man)?

Mazel tov!

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