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Oh, Mercy



Credit: Brad Gregg

The new Mercy logo was rolled out in Missouri in September of 2011, but only arrived in Oklahoma a few months ago. That’s when an Oklahoma City resident informed the company of the remarkable similarity.

Rachel Wright, a spokesperson for OKC’s Mercy Hospital, said a graphic designer at the corporate office created the logo without knowledge of the Crossings logo. And to be fair, there are only a few ways to make a cross; it’s basically two intersecting lines with four right angles.

“We contacted the leadership of Crossings and arranged a meeting,” Wright said. “Mercy agreed to help them resource a new logo.” Oh, and “resource” is health-care jargon for “pay for.”

with the difficult task of coming up with a new logo, the leadership at
Crossings apparently realized that two intersecting lines look like a
cross and a crossroads no matter how they’re drawn.

with both organizations working on it, a graphic designer finally was
found who could create another cross logo for Crossings. The new cross
has been bleached of color, so it’s possible resources were not
sufficient to cover a four-color process.

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