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Ok, this one isn’t funny



state ranked 18th in economic security, with a grade of “B-.” Among the
scores, Oklahoma women overall make 76 cents, African-American women
make 64 cents and Hispanic women make 46 cents for each dollar white men
in Oklahoma make.

We ranked 41st in leadership.

36.4 percent of statewide elected executive seats and 13.4 percent of
state legislature seats are held by women. And only 1.2 percent of those
seats are held by minority women.

look at our state and say, we have a woman governor, women must be
doing great here. In fact, we have fewer women in the legislature than
we have in past years,” Lou Kohlman, chairperson of the Oklahoma
Commission on the Status of Women, told Fox25 KOKH-TV.

We also have one of the highest infant mortality
rates in the country and have the second-highest ratio of women to
OB/GYNs (18,713 to 1), after only Pennsylvania.

All we can say is we’re disappointed, and a lot of us are definitely in trouble.

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