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Okay, Oklahoma faces crime after dismissing police officers



Just days after a small northeastern Oklahoma town dismissed its two-man police force, robbers looted the police station and absconded with equipment, money and a gun.

A witness in Okay " a town of about 600 situated seven miles north of Muskogee " called the Wagoner County Sheriff's Office about 3 a.m. Dec. 8, and reported seeing someone carrying a bag and shotgun out of the police station, the town city clerk told The Associated Press.

Authorities said about $1,200 in confiscated money, a radio and new laptop were also taken, the AP reported.

Police Chief Ron Lee reportedly was convicted in September on a misdemeanor count of neglecting his duty and reserve officer Matthew Pruegert was arrested in Wagoner on Dec. 3 for driving while intoxicated on duty.

Both Lee and Pruegert were fired by Okay's Board of Trustees Dec 4., according to the AP. Wagoner County Sheriff's deputies were directed to patrol the town until new police officers were hired.

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