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OKC among top fast food consumers



Oklahoma City has been one of America's top 10 cities in fast-food consumption in four of the last eight years, according to Sandelman & Associates, a California-based research foundation.
The list shows what percentage of residents in a city eat fast food more than 12 times a month. Oklahoma City residents made this list in 1999, 2003, 2006 and now 2007.
While the national average is 42 percent, Oklahoma City gobbles in with an average 55 percent of fast-food users.
Oklahomans are subject to a number of increased risk factors when it comes to health and nutrition. There long has been a link between:
" education levels,
" salary per household and
" weight.
"We don't prioritize health as much as we should in Oklahoma," said Mayor Mick Cornett.
Men's Fitness also highlights Oklahoma City in another disreputable list: the nation's fattest cities. OKC came in at No. 15. "Lisa Spinelli

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