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OKC apartment complex dweller says he spied alligator in lake



Apparently, Big Foot is not the only creature lurking in Oklahoma territory. reported a new tenant of an apartment complex in northwest Oklahoma City says he saw an alligator swimming in a nearby lake a couple of weeks ago. The tenant of the Willow Cliff Lakeshore Apartments said he spotted the gator at night and that it appeared to be about 2-feet long.

But the reptile has yet to resurface when other tenants' eyes are present. Sneaky little thing.

Alligators in Oklahoma should come as no surprise, some are spotted each year in the southeastern corner of the state where it is a little more swampy and Arkansas-like than Oklahoma City. Gators love to eat those Arkansas razorbacks, especially on Saturdays in the fall.

Micah Holmes, with the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation, told The Oke it is unlikely a gator would have traveled north from southeastern Oklahoma to OKC " apparently, gators don't have big city dreams. The most likely scenario, Holmes said, is someone up here purchased the gator and either set it loose or the creature escaped. In any case, he said the gator would not survive in the city once the cold weather sets in.

The complex's management is not taking any chances of losing a tenant, or lawsuit, and has sent out fliers warning tenants to be careful when fishing or walking around the lake. We're guessing small dogs and kids should be kept inside, too. That would be one battle little Precious would probably lose.

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