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OKC mayor not signing off on greenery



Oklahoma City Mayor Mick Cornett says he won't sign a national pledge to curtail greenhouse gas emissions because he doesn't believe the science regarding global warming is solid, according to The Oklahoman.


Tulsa became the 500th city to make the list last week after Mayor Kathy Taylor signed her John Hancock, joining Norman, which gets the early-bird award for jumping aboard in 2005.


Cornett said people in Oklahoma City largely agree with him on global warming.


"We need to be more efficient," Cornett said. "If there's a way to use less energy, and get a same or better result, we need to do that. But sometimes people cross the line and politicize it. And it becomes more of a Republican-Democrat issue than it is an environmental issue."


Cornett, a former Republican congressional candidate, also said he wanted to avoid disagreeing with the Bush administration over an agreement resembling the Kyoto Protocol, which the federal government has not signed.


Somewhere, Jim Inhofe is smiling.

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