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OKC needs to exercise patience in wait for NBA action



With the Hornets returning to New Orleans, there is currently talk about how Seattle's National Basketball Association franchise may end up here. But there are still a number of hurdles involved in getting that deal finalized.

And honestly, does OKC really want a team known as the SuperSonics?

Then again, if they were based out of Tinker Air Force Base, SuperSonics isn't such a bad name after all.

Another possibility remains, and that would be the return of the Hornets. New Orleans still is trying to get completely back on its feet in the aftermath of Katrina's devastation. The city's economy is unstable and there is uncertainty when it comes to having a consistent fan base.

If, for any reason, New Orleans should fail to show a solid level of support for owner George Shinn's Hornets, there is always a chance they could end up right back inside the Ford Center in downtown OKC.

Only time will tell.

Until then, OKC fans will just have to be patient ... and occasionally send a note reminding Mayor Mick Cornett about how much they'd love another NBA franchise.

Although it's fairly safe to say he has not forgotten. "Jay C. Upchurch


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