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OKC performance artist's anything-goes shows defy description



Describing comedian / musician / performance artist Balthazar is not an easy task.
You've got Jack Black's manic mugging, Andy Kaufman's unpredictability and Gilda Radner's gleeful awkwardness, all strained through a marathon of "I Love the '80s" episodes on VH1.

"Who doesn't want to be a rock star?" Balthazar, aka Leslie Hensley, said. "I have a theater background, so I always wanted my own one-woman show. Rock 'n' roll and comedy " I just combined those elements and it became my alter ego, and it rocks their faces off."

Balthazar incorporates numerous elements into her show, including:
" cardboard props,
" film clips,
" as many dancers as she can stuff on stage,
" streamers and
" a large mess of iron dubbed "Master Robot."

"I call it 'ADHD theater,'" Balthazar said. "'What's going on? I don't know, but I'm entertained.' Every time you come to a show, you'll catch something new, either on the stage or on the screen."

One audience member lovingly called the show "stupid and fun." Others just shake their head and shrug when asked to describe the spectacle.

So, how does Balthazar describe her own show?

"I'm a mix of Andy Kaufman and Alice Cooper " had they metamorphosized a child, it would be Balthazar. It's a rock comedy " it's a vaudeville rock theater extravaganza!" "Charles Martin

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