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OKC piano rock teaches 'Science' education



Oklahoma City piano-rocker Benji Kay has released "The Science of Sound," a 10-song album from his electronic pop-project Love Is a Story. The upbeat album is peppered with vocoder-laced vocals, dance-pop electronic drums and peppy, catchy lyrical hooks.

"If We Get Out, Let's Make Out," with its record-scratch background music and acoustic guitar is slower than other "Science" songs, but is an easy standout, as is the frantic, pop-industrial anthem "Dressed to Kill."

The ballady "Questions for an Ex-Lover," is rooted in staccato synth-piano riffs and shimmering open chords, while tracks like "Another Life: A Short Story," "Pop! (Put Yourself Out)" and album-named closer "The Science of Sound" provide quicker, but usually less interesting ear fare that's often filled with bleep-blop Game Boy sounds.

"Science of Sound" is horrifyingly catchy and poppy. The album is fun and obviously marketable, but the incessant robo-vocals are grating and a bit soulless. "Joe Wertz

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