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OKC rock quartet Anchors for Arsenal sets sail with new album



Undocked from the local music scene for nearly a year, Oklahoma City rock band Anchors for Arsenal  has returned to port with its best album yet.

The metro four-piece has been together since early 2002, said singer Jonathan Knight, but dropped out of sight in May 2007 to hole up in writing sessions and rehearsals and for the band's fourth album, "The Fall of You and Me."

"By all accounts, it looked like we weren't doing a whole lot," Knight said, laughing. "But we were busy writing, recording and working on the new album."

The guys approached recording "The Fall of You and Me" differently than its three previous discs, he said, spending months of writing and arranging prior to booking studio time at Armstrong Recording in Tulsa.

Knight said the band purposely slowed things down, cutting demos and working through ideas before emerging from the studio last October. Anchors will drop the album Saturday night at The Conservatory at its CD release show with The City Lives and Somerset West. Admission includes a free copy. "Joe Wertz

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