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OKC-shot 'Sex Machine' set for DVD release



Despite what the title implies, the locally shot film "Sex Machine" isn't X-rated.

Lensed in 2005, the feature film is a horror-crime hybrid written and directed by Christopher Sharpe. Anthem Pictures will release "Sex Machine" on DVD May 1.

"It's kind of a combination of comic books and horror movies from the Sixties " lots of different trashy pop-culture stuff that blended together in my brain," said Sharpe. "It's kinda made for a certain audience, and that audience really gets it."

Sharpe, who now resides in Austin, Texas, financed the estimated $8,000 budget out of his own pocket while working as a graphic designer in Oklahoma City. The cast of Oklahoma actors worked as volunteers, being paid only with meals.

"We had to cut a lot of corners because of the budget, but we knew we were making something cool, and at the very least, it's gonna show what we can do and that we can pull off a feature," he said.

Five months went into shooting the film, and the end result yielded recognition for Sharpe when it played a few festivals last year, winning best Action/Thriller at Chicago's MicroCinema Festival and best Oklahoma Film at Oklahoma City's deadCENTER Film Festival.

He is currently working on another monster movie/action flick hybrid that will take place in the world of "Sex Machine," but is remaining tight-lipped about the movie's monster. "Chris Willard

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