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OKC swingers claim partner-swapping is 'wholesome'



Participants in the swingers scene don't call themselves "swingers." They just call it "the lifestyle," according to LeeAnn (not her real name), a local woman who pursues this alternative sexual lifestyle.

LeeAnn said the club she and her partner frequent on Saturday nights is a dance hall with about 30 to 60 members.

"There's not a whole lot of wild things going on," she said. "About 11:30, a lot of the women will drop their tops. "¦ You may see a little girl-on-girl action, but I don't even think that's so kinky. We don't frequent the back rooms. If you do get something going on in the back room, everybody goes back to watch."

James (not his real name) said he and his wife began swinging early in their marriage, about eight years ago.

"The largest portion in the lifestyle were older couples, married 20 (to) 30 years, that finally want to explore sexuality," James said. "It has really been in the past 10 (to) 15 years that younger and younger couples are getting involved in the lifestyle."

James said when he and his wife first began swapping partners, there was one club they knew of locally.

"Since then, there are at least a dozen clubs that have opened up," James said. "And unofficial clubs " Yahoo clubs that meet at a person's house. It is rapidly growing."

Derek (not his real name) said he and his wife have been in the lifestyle for about a year and a half. He said that Oklahoma's repressive nature breeds "kinky" desires.

"A repressive society always attracts you to the forbidden," Derek said. "My wife and I participate in sexual activities with other couples, swapping. Our activities really are wholesome."

However, Derek said, his behavior is most certainly kept tightly in the closet.

"I personally have fear that I could lose friends or even my job over something that isn't anybody's business but my own. I'm not a criminal. "¦ I have a government job. "¦ I have to have a high moral character," he said. "I think I do." "Ben Fenwick

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