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OKC Thunder fan responds to CFN Mailbag



It seems our March 4 CFN ruffled some feathers. In the first entry, "Thunder(un)struck," we talked about Associated Press sports writer Jon Krawczynski and his deep love and respect for our very own Thunder basketball team. We'll give you a minute to flip through your Creative Memories CFN scrapbook. Found it? Good.

In it, we asked, among other things, if somebody in OKC peed in Krawczynski's porridge after the writer called the Thunder nickname "chintzy" and opined that us Oklahoma hicks watch the game through knotholes in a fence surrounding the Ford Center.

We finished by musing on Krawczynski's hug ratio as a little guy, which didn't sit too well with Case Friedman, who wrote us this letter:

"Two wrongs don't make a right. I don't think it is nice to joke about somebody not getting enough hugs as a child."

Y'know what? Mr. Friedman is completely right, and we thank him for pointing this out to us. Maybe it's us who need to get some more hugging time in with our moms. Luckily, we still live at home.

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