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OKC's Bob Funk goes Hollywood?



Hey, did you know Express Employment Professionals CEO Robert A. Funk is the subject of a Hollywood biopic?

Well, he's not, but one can forgive the clueless movie watcher who walks into a video store or approaches a Redbox queue on June 23, only to find a film called "Bob Funk" staring back.

To differentiate, Oklahoma City's Bob Funk is the one who co-founded a human resources firm in 1983 that has grown into more 600 locations worldwide. By contrast, Hollywood's "Bob Funk" is the apparent heir to his family's futon company, who's about to "find love where he least expected it," according to the DVD's sales sheet.

That sheet also proclaims "Bob Funk" to be "Rachael Leigh Cook's best film since 'She's All That,'" if that helps anyone.

Chicken-Fried News thinks the real Bob Funk should host a screening of the fake "Bob Funk" in his Express Event Center, since it used to be the Northwest 8 Theater Complex. (That's where we saw "Mannequin" in 1987. Yes, twice.)

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