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OKC's media savvy mayor



Oh, there's definitely something rising in Oklahoma, but it's certainly not a for-hire Jimmy Webb song. No, it's the Q Score of Oklahoma City Mayor Mick Cornett, who's been making quite the national media rounds lately to promote his million-pound march.


Cornett plugged the Web site " aimed to convince Oklahoma Cityans to lose a collective million of those dreaded "lbs." this year " on the Jan. 5 edition of public radio's popular quiz show "Whad'Ya Know?"


Hizzoner seemed slightly taken aback when host Michael Feldman " a Wisconsin native " jokingly told Cornett that at least cheese doesn't make one fat. But at least it didn't throw our own Esquire-minted sharp-dressed man from getting to his talking point involving Okies' love of dipping their pizza in ranch dressing.


No doubt Cornett will enjoy a much wider audience " and by that, we mean number of viewers watching, not waist size " when he is scheduled to make an appearance on Thursday's "Ellen," the talk show of comedian Ellen DeGeneres.


A report from KOCO-TV Channel 5 wondered whether the mayor will dance with the host, who is known for taking a few steps with her guests. Cornett said he's never seen the show, and that he "can only imagine."


To dance with Ellen or not to dance with Ellen? Heck, we don't care, as long as he doesn't start dating Anne Heche.

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