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OKC's The Flaming Lips head for Broadway



Grab your tangerines, Oklahoma, The Flaming Lips are going Broadway.
Front man Wayne Coyne confirmed to that the space crusaders are set to team with "West Wing" creator Aaron Sorkin and Broadway producer Des McAnuff ("The Who's Tommy") to produce a musical version of their 2002 album "Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots." (Not to say "Yoshimi" wasn't musical to begin with, but Bucky thinks the Lips' "Soft Bulletin" might be moreso.)
Coyne told that when McAnuff listened to the album " which is about a Japanese warrior fighting robots in another dimension " he thought the emotional themes of death and the "triumph of your own optimism" would make a compelling musical.
Other Lips songs are expected to be featured in the musical, as well, Coyne said.
The musical is in the planning stages and is likely years away from the big stage.
Hmm "¦ "Christmas on Mars," anyone?
But we're pretty sure the Lips will "give the people what they paid for."

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