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OKC's video vigilante launches blog



So what does the Video Vigilante do in whatever spare time is not taken up by playing "Candid Camera" with metro-area whores? He reviews eateries, shares gift tips and plays Skip-Bo! Hey, you gotta do something while awaiting trial, right?


Brian Bates " aka the Video Vigilante, who regularly captures footage of sex-for-cash transactions with his video camera in an effort to combat prostitution " has a personal Internet blog with the unwieldy title of "Bybates Blog: Tales From an Okie with Attitude " Oklahoma Native Brian Bates. One of a Family of Blogs From Brian Bates."


Accessible at, the Web site includes numerous photographs of Bates, his wife and stepson at various restaurants like Falcone's Pizzeria & Deli, Hacienda Don Elias and Texas Roadhouse. Of the latter, he raves, "The sides are divine!"


In one post, Bates writes about a particularly heated family fun night playing the card game Skip-Bo, running counter to his tough-guy image. "The best part though is that the tirade was caught on tape! Possibly to be posted in the near future," he writes, begging the question: Does this guy tape everything?


CFN thinks so, as YouTube videos are embedded throughout, detailing the Bates family's trip to the Oklahoma City Zoo or its full-contact Easter egg hunt. Eh, we much prefer the ones with the cracked-toothed hookers.


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