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OKG7 Cleveland County stops



Big Daddy’s Smokehouse

220 S. Main, Noble


of hickory stacked out front, in back and all round the sides of this
small-town roadhouse are your sign it’s the real barbecue deal. Brisket
and ribs are slow roasted next to smoldering wood until they’re tender
and succulent. Traditional barbecue side dishes are made in house.
Family owned and operated; you won’t find a friendlier bunch of folks

Meme’s Pizzeria

2804 Chautauqua, Norman


about catching a flight to Chicago. Drop into this carry-out-only joint
for deep dish or super thin crust on pizzas you can design yourself.
The sauce is from a century-old Sicilian recipe. Not in the mood for
pizza? The place also has juicy Italian beef sandwiches, and the Windy
City-style wieners come with that cool neon-green relish.

Cajun King

700 Ed Noble Parkway, Norman


all about the fried catfish and beignets, and that’s just the
complimentary beginning to the meal. You then move to an
all-you-can-eat-buffet of Creole wonder. From crawfish étouffée to the
most Deep South collard greens imaginable, you’ll forget you aren’t on
the bayou.

Ole Town Gyros and Kabobs

402 E. Main, Norman


a honking huge gyro supreme, there are other Mediterranean dishes here
rarely found in Oklahoma. Here’s the scoop: It’s an Iranian restaurant
disguised as a gyro shop. Try the gormeh sabzi stew or mixed rice with
fresh dill washed down with a mint yogurt beverage, called a doogh. If
you’re not up for a walk on the exotic side, you can opt for a
cheeseburger and a Coke.

Jana’s Restaurant

1324 N. Interstate Drive, Norman


else can you find both Italian and Thai cuisine on the menu? Using the
peppers, garlic and basil of both culinary traditions, Jana’s manages to
adeptly straddle the continents. A couple of dishes, such as chicken
panang pizza, are grand mashups. Thai dishes may be ordered with the
desired level of spiciness, and there are lots of vegan-friendly choices.

Fusion Cafe

1224 N. Broadway, Moore


food in Oklahoma doesn’t get much better than this. There are a few
teriyaki dishes, but Korean fare is the mainstay at this small
mom-and-pop operation. An unlimited condiment bar with homemade kimchi
complements hearty dishes such as spicy potato stew and bulgogi-style
beef. Its special take on buffalo chicken wings is a Tae Kwon Do kick to
the palate.

Del Rancho

2300 W. Lindsey, Norman


says fine Okie cuisine like a chicken-fried steak sandwich supreme from
the little cowpoke with a giant hat. In business for more than 30 years
at the same location, it’s a landmark and the perfect stop before or
after an OU game. It’s an old-school drive-in with hot link sandwiches
and pizza cheeseburgers delivered right to your car window.

Photos by Shannon Cornman and Mark Hancock

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