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OKG7 Eat: Eastside eats



A Family Affair Restaurant

1742 NE 23rd St. 


Family Affair makes anyone coming in off the street feel like a
cherished member of the household with plate after plate of every
classic bit of soul food known to man.

buffet ($10.30) is packed with catfish, collard greens, fried chicken,
smothered pork chops, red beans and rice and okra. The Sunday buffet
lineup has gone on to become a real fave with the after-church crowd.

Big Smokey Bar-B-Q

1433 NE 23rd St. 


When it comes to smoked meats, this is the real deal through and through.

only the most bare bones of selections — the menu on the wall basically
says, “Ribs or beef” — actually works in Big Smokey’s favor, allowing
the restaurant to focus on what it does best.

rib dinner ($9.95) is about as old-school as it comes: juicy pit-smoked
ribs, tangy beans, zesty potato salad and a slice of bread.

This Iz It

2831 NE 23rd St. 


Many places in the metro offer the concept of chicken and waffles as a kind of kitschy afterthought.

This Iz It, it’s an art form that makes it the go-to destination for
the classic combo. The wings are flavorful, the waffles are sweet and
the price is downright amazing: $5.00 all day, every day.

They offer other options, but it’s the wings and waffles that keep ’em coming back.

Beef & Buns, Mr. Catfish

2741 NE 23rd St. 


name of this eatery might sound like the title of the greatest
children’s book ever written, but there is nothing childish about the

It offers top-notch brisket, ribs, shoulder pork and the titular catfish.

Start with a fried catfish basket ($8.25) featuring four earthy fillets, hot fries and a slice of bread.

Here’s a tip: skip the tartar sauce and go to the hot sauce. You’ll most definitely live happily ever after.

Florence’s Restaurant

1437 NE 23rd St. 


Florence’s has been an Oklahoma City institution for more than 60 years.

daily specials, featuring honey meatloaf ($8.00) on Wednesdays and
chicken and dumplings ($8.00) on Fridays are the absolute bomb, but if
there’s a dish that’ll make even a nonbeliever into a convert, it’s the
yam-fired chicken ($8.50) — that’s fried chicken flavored with the
sweetly unique taste of yams — served with three vegetables of your

Woody’s Sports Bar and Grill

2501 NE 23rd St. 


Woody’s prides itself on being a tavern where everybody knows your name.

is the neighborhood hangout that also provides a great selection of
classic pub foods, including blitz nachos ($7.99); shrimp po’ boy
sandwiches ($6.99); or its ever-popular Big Woody ($8.99), a classic
American burger topped with pepperonis, jalapeños, grilled onions and
pepperjack cheese served with a hearty score of fries.

Ricky’s Cafe

107 NE 23rd St. 


Ricky’s is a happening lunch spot for those wanting a fast and flavorful southof-the-border lunch.

The menu is filled with old favorites like wet burritos, chile rellenos and even barbacoa. Ricky’s offers man-sized meals like the Bistek jumbo ($12.59) for lunch. A large, juicy skirt steak with potatoes, borracho beans and an avocado salad on the side — that’s a meal fit for the king (or queen) of the office.

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