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OKG7 eat: Soccer pub crawl




5137 N. Classen Circle 


Consistently considered one of the best dive bars in OKC and the cornerstone of the trifecta of bars that make up Classen Circle, Edna’s has stood the test of time as more than a neighborhood favorite. Wallpapered with dollar bills, this smoky, crowded hole-in-the-wall has been serving up its signature lunchboxes since 1980. If you play “Great Balls of Fire” on the jukebox, Edna will dance on the bar.


Drunken Fry

5100 Classen Circle 


Drunken Fry opened its doors in 2009 and has been serving up a fantastic combination of traditional pomme frites (fancy french fries) and beer ever since. The Fry offers a huge selection of beers and a fully stocked bar. Try one of 17 dipping sauces with catchy names like Kung Fu Grip (a wasabi-soy aioli) with your fries. And you’ll never get the stink-eye for dunking them in mayonnaise here.


The HiLo Club

1221 NW 50th St. 


The HiLo Club has been serving up a mix of strong drinks and entertainment since 1956. Depending on the day, HiLo is host to drag shows, live music, burlesque and a Golden Tee game that has been in the corner for years.

The bartenders are likely to know whatever obscure drink is popular that week and are champs at the old standards. The beer is ice-cold, and the pours are generous. It’s a great place to stop on your way to or from the game.


51st Street Speakeasy

1114 NW 51st St. 


Due to its proximity to Bishop McGuinness, as well as the owner’s love of soccer, 51st Street Speakeasy, or “The Speak” as most call it, has become the semiofficial base of The Grid, OKC Energy’s official supporter group.

It is a roomy, comfortable pub with a full bar and a wide selection of draft beers. With plenty of big-screen televisions, relax with a pint while you watch football to your heart’s content.


Sipango Lounge

4301 N. Western Ave.


The neighborhood watering hole of your youth has grown up and now serves liquor in addition to ice-cold beer. This hole-in-the-wall has been a neighborhood favorite and a fixture on the N. Western Avenue circuit for a long while. The smoky, dark atmosphere makes the bar a good place to duck in out of the sunshine and have a drink or two. Make it a stop on your crawl for beer and a shot.


The Drum Room

4309 N. Western Ave. 


Not only does the relative newcomer to N. Western Avenue boast all things fried chicken and waffles, it has a full bar with a selection of draft beer and liquor. You can stop by for a snack or lunch before the game with a drink to wash it down. Try some of the Drum Stix in Flaming Lips Hot Sauce for a kick in the pants, or share a celebratory whole chicken with your mates after the match.


VZD’s Restaurant & Club

4200 N. Western Ave. 524-4203

VZD’s has been serving up great food and music for more than 30 years. It is housed in an old Veazey Drug Co. location. VZD’s is good for a pint of your favorite brew and a buffalo sausage burger made from locally sourced buffalo meat and Blue & Gold Sausage with some of its excellent fried okra to soak up some of the booze and keep you going after yelling at football players for hours.

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