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OKG7 Gazette staff picks



Sweet Basil

211 W. Main, Norman


One of our accounting gurus has run all the numbers, and for her, Sweet Basil just adds up.

love, love, love Sweet Basil in Norman,” she said. “It’s not just
because it has the best Massaman curry and pineapple fried rice in the
world, but because the people who own the restaurant are so awesome and
always present in the restaurant. The service is beyond compare and they
now have a full bar!”

Sala Thai

1614 N.W. 23rd


can count on those design folk to be creative and have a good eye for
quality things. Sala Thai meets and then exceeds one of our designer’s

“I love
Sala Thai’s cinnamon chicken or tofu, Drunken Noodles, pad thai, Tom Yum
and Massaman curry, which is great on a cold day,” he said.

The Sushi Bar

1201 N.W. 178th, Edmond


Being a photographer for Gazette is
likely one of the busiest jobs there is. At least it lends time to
check out all the cool places with a magnified lens. One of our
photographers thinks The Sushi Bar is picture-perfect!

Sushi Bar is good for a dark, date-like and clean atmosphere,” she
said. “Great sushi, unique recipes, always great friendly service with
consistent staff that remember and greet you like family or a friend.”

Zorba’s Mediterranean Cuisine & Bar

6014 N. May


When you’re in the Gazette’s production
department, you’ve got to make decisions — good ones — on the fly. For
the production director, there wasn’t a moment’s hesitation when asked
about her favorite place to dine.

“I love the people and the food,” she said. Well put!

La Baguette Bistro

7408 N. May


At the helm of every good ship (in this case, the ship is the 33-year-old Gazette), there
is a good captain. According to one of our fearless leaders, there’s a
place you can set your sails toward and find some tasty treasure.

— pick anything from the menu, atmosphere — closest place to Paris I
know of, best-accented men — Michel and Alain, best-looking cook —
Alain, and most charming and ornery host — Michel,” she said.

Pepperoni Grill

1901 Northwest Expressway


a long week designing some of these pretty pages you flip through, one
of our talented creatives likes to relax with a tasty dish before
hitting the shops in Penn Square Mall.

really like Pepperoni Grill in Penn Square,” she said. “Consistently
good food — the spinach salad with grilled chicken and fresh pears is
yummy, the atmosphere is pleasant — no loud music, and you can usually
get in on a Saturday evening without a long wait.”

Museum Cafe

415 Couch


When our resident classically trained chef and all-around food guru gives advice about where to eat, we listen. You should, too.

really like the Museum Cafe,” she said. “It’s within walking distance
of the Oklahoma City Philharmonic and other events, or for just a stroll
around the downtown area. The food, atmosphere and service is always
consistent. Every dish is like a masterpiece brought to life.”

Photos by Shannon Cornman and Mark Hancock

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