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Paseo Grill
2909 Paseo

Our editor-in-chief, Phil Bacharach, is particular about more than punctuation.

love the Paseo Grill. For one, it’s cozy and intimate without being
creepy. More important, the food is excellent — a middle ground between
gourmet and comfort fare. I’m partial to the salmon and steaks, but the
fried green bean appetizer is equally great,” he said.

100 E. California

One of our advertising extraordinaires weighs in with his culinary enthusiasms.

love the fare, especially the blackened tilapia. It comes with perfect
mashed potatoes that complement the meal well. The indoor atmosphere is
dimly lit, yet inviting. The large rafters and wooden support beams from
the early 1900s set the theme of authentic New Awlins,” he said.

Metro Wine Bar & Bistro
6418 N. Western

As editor-in-chief of our sister publication, okcBIZ magazine, Heidi Rambo Centrella minds her Biz-ness, unless she asked about her favorite cuisine, that is.

food is consistently fantastic, as is the butter, and the seasonal menu
options are a big plus. My only request would be to get two of those
big slabs of butter with each roll. And, of course, the wine selection
is always a winner, hands down,” she said.

El Tapatio
1000 N.E. 63rd

Another of our advertising representatives appreciates her clients. Especially the ones with great queso.

current favorite restaurant would have to be El Tapatio in OKC, based
mostly on the outstanding service and helpfulness of the waitstaff. I
would recommend the carne asada, carnitas or fish tacos. And the queso
is divine,” she said.

Shartel Cafe
5116 N. Shartel

managing editor, Rod Lott, manages the flow of the company, which is
why he has all the answers, including ones like, “Where can I get the
best cheeseburger?”

“While others make it their life’s work to cure
diseases and better mankind, mine is turning everyone on to the
cheeseburger at Shartel Cafe. Perfectly made every time — I like mine
topped with Swiss — it’s the most satisfying burger in town,” he said.

Papa Dio’s
10712 N. May

When you work in advertising, it’s important to stand out.

one of our sales representatives pondered her favorite stand-out
restaurant, she said, “Papa Dio’s because the food is freakin’
delicious, and the atmosphere is romantic.”

Los Comales
1504 S. Agnew

York is usually busy laying out the paper every week, ensuring each
article, ad and photo is in its proper place. When he gets hungry, he
splurges on authentic Mexican fare.

Comales is a taqueria on the south side — Agnew, across from
Cattlemen’s Steakhouse. Its chorizo and egg breakfast taco is one of the
best things I’ve ever put in my mouth,” he said.

Photos by Shannon Cornman and Mark Hancock

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