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Harrison’s Chicken House

204 E. Oklahoma, Guthrie


Have you ever had fried chicken that looks simultaneously like a work of art and a heap of southern goodness? If the answer is no, and you have no aversion to fried green tomatoes, then you’ve got no legitimate reason not to check out Harrison’s Chicken House. And in case you’re still undecided, we’ve got three words for you: wavy tator twists.

Mama Sinmi’s Chop House

2312 N. Macarthur


When’s the last time you had West African fare? Exactly. Now you’ve got the luxury of enjoying meat pies baked in a butter crust, spicy suya (meat on a stick), moi moi (bean cakes), efo (sautéed spinach with seasoned tomatoes) and golden-friend plantains on a regular basis. Check out the lunch special, too.

Top That! Pizza

1389 E. 15th, Edmond


“Where pizza gets personal” is the motto at this new pizzeria. Choose your crust, get sauce-y with it, then pick toppings for a personal pie delivered to you in about five minutes. It’s a great solution for a group of friends or family who all have different ideas about what makes the best pizza. Top that!

Tea Garden Chinese Restaurant

38 E. 15th, Edmond


and gardens are two things that can provide a little serenity in an
otherwise busy day. Those who don’t have time to transform their home
into a retreat might consider this new spot in Edmond. While the
location isn’t actually in a garden, you actually get tea, along with
Chinese food.

Pizza Planet

1621 N. May


your rockets ready! And, no, that’s not a euphemism for anything
suggestive. You’ll just need a way to get to an entirely new world made
of pizza. OK, maybe it’s not made of pizza, but you will find pizza —
lots of it — at Pizza Planet. You can also pick up chicken wings,
cheddar peppers, onion rings, sandwiches and calzones.

Simply Sweet

501 S. Mustang, Yukon


throwing a party and want to do something out of the box. How about a
candy buffet? Simply Sweet offers up packages for just that, including
assorted jars, laminated cards with the type of candy listed, scoops and
goody bags for guests when they leave. Visit the shop and enjoy one of
its fresh-made muffins or pastries while you plan.

Spice and Rice

770 Debarr, Norman


up your life! This has nothing to do with the Spice Girls and
everything to do with tikka masala and curry. Enjoy the tandoori chicken
with vegetables, and, of course, you can’t forget the naan. Also, all
meat is 100-percent halal. Feast as if you’re a resident of the Taj

Photos by Shannon Cornman and Mark Hancock

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