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OKG7 pie dreams



Ingrid’s Kitchen

3701 N. Youngs Blvd. 


just seems to get everything right in the baking category, and pies are
no exception. With plenty of opportunities to enjoy pie over the next
month or so, Ingrid’s has more than 20 kinds to choose from. Pumpkin is
made with “the right amount of spice,” while German chocolate has cocoa,
coconut and pecans. Or opt for the chocolate meringue with so much
fluffy meringue on top it barely fits in the box.

La Baguette Bakery & Cafe

2100 W. Main St., Norman 


might not be a French holiday, but that doesn’t stop La Baguette from
baking holiday favorites. Both La Baguette stores in Norman carry pies
year-round, and during the holidays, they add pumpkin and pecan. If
you’re in the mood for something different, try a decadent chocolate
pecan pie, coconut cream or chocolate cream pie. The stores also offer a
variety of fruit pies and key lime.

Pie Junkie

1711 NW 16th St. 


you can’t get a great holiday pie at Pie Junkie, you can’t get one
anywhere. Fortunately, the shop in the Plaza District has unique holiday
offerings in addition to their regular lineup. Try pumpkin, pumpkin
walnut crumble, pecan, orange bourbon pecan, apple crumble, apple
cranberry crumble or drunken turtle. If you just need your holiday pie
fix, Pie Junkie is one of the few places you can stroll into, have a
slice of pie and then be on your way.

Braum’s ice Cream & Dairy Stores

Various metro locations 


With stores around the metro, Braum’s knows how to do it up right when it comes to pies (and just about everything else).

the holidays, everyone’s favorite ice cream and dairy stores add
pumpkin pie (and pumpkin ice cream) and apple cranberry pie. For
procrastinators, Braum’s stores will be open on Thanksgiving Day. Just
ask at the counter and the friendly staff will heat up that frozen pie
for you.

Pioneer Pies

2201 SW 74th St. 


1982, Pioneer Pies has been baking some of the best pies in the metro.
The pies can be ordered at the store or online and are available for
mail delivery. With more than 25 kinds to choose from, grab a
traditional pumpkin pie or celebrate the holidays like the British with a
mince pie.

For those who can’t eat sugar — or just don’t want it — it offers a number of sugar-free options.

County Line Bakery

121 E. Waterloo Rd., Edmond 


for just over a year, County Line offers 11 different pies. Don’t miss
the seasonal pumpkin pie made with Cinderella pumpkins, a French
heirloom that resembles the pumpkin that was turned into a carriage to
take Cinderella to the ball. The best-seller is the coconut cream pie,
and other favorites are chocolate cream and the seasonal strawberry pie.
To make sure you get the pie you desire, it’s best to order about three
days in advance.

Uptown Grocery Co.

1230 W. Covell Road, Edmond 


to to Uptown Grocery in north Edmond, the brainchild of Buy for Le$$
owners Hank and Susan Binkowski. The store has pies aplenty with
everything from pumpkin and pecan to tasty holiday additions like
caramel apple nut and pecan praline.

pies are available in the chocolate, lemon, banana or coconut
varieties. The store also offers sugar-free fruit pies with all the
flavor, minus that pesky sugar.

Photos by Mark Hancock and Shannon Cornman.

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