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WSKY Lounge
228 NE Second St.
It’s so much more than a place to toss back an old fashioned or smoke a cigar. There’s a menu boasting some tasty treats that accompanies the lounge. Opt for the hummus tray, caramelized onion dip or ahi tuna lettuce wraps dressed with a wasabi mayo. Watch for chef Ryan Parrott’s additions.

Kaiteki Ramen
Kaiteki Ramen is made with a shoyustyle broth full of fresh noodles, ginger ale-braised pork belly, marinated egg and snap peas, just to name a few of the delicious ingredients in its signature dish. Vegan? No prob! Enjoy your ramen with pickled cucumbers instead.

Nhinja Sushi & Wok
12305 N. Rockwell a Ave.
This sushi stop has been building its empire since 2010. With playfully named rolls — Thunder, Geisha and Firefly — and tasty offerings to boot, Nhinja has established itself as the go-to, fast casual dining spot with healthy options for the whole family.

La Catrina
1501 NW 23rd St.
for an authentic Mexican restaurant? Open since May, Catrina focuses on
the quality of its staples. Get chicken or beef enchiladas, burritos
and queso made in-house. Don’t miss out on the special mango-habañero
salsa dish, served atop rice. Of course every meal is completed by a

The Garage Burgers & Beer
1024 Interstate 240 Service Rd.


the third location, but not much has changed. Enjoy the same delicious
nacho plate piled high with your choice of beef or turkey. What’s new is
the Thunder Fries option — french fries topped with melted bleu cheese
and Sriracha aioli. Pick from its selection of burgers, and if you’re
cutting gluten, substitute that whole-wheat bun for lettuce.

Old School Bagel Cafe
211 N. Robinson Ave.


School Bagel takes classic bread and recreates it. Make it a BBQ bagel
or pile it high with some egg salad. Have you ever had a pizza bagel?
It’s served openfaced here. Try the Cowboy Club, served with roast beef
and turkey, or enjoy your bagel with some plain cream cheese.

Empire Slice House
1734 NW 16th St.

a pizza joint advertises its tasty treats with a photo of a kid wearing
a pizza hat, it’s hard not to be drawn in. That same joint, along with
its sense of humor, serves up hot pie and offers a patio and bar — it’s
pretty clear why Empire is an irresistible stop in the Plaza District.
Oh, you can get beer and garlic knots, too.

Potos by Shannon Cornman and Mark Hancock

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