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OKG7 spots to eat between shopping



Sweis Pita Bakery
2115 N. May

May Avenue boasts a collection of fantastic shopping and delicious food. Among its gems is Sweis Bakery, serving all the things one might need for a traditional Mediterranean feast. There’s a lunch special that includes a fresh gyro, a gyro salad and house-made pita bread and chips. Make sure to try the baklava and assorted desserts.

Red Hot Mamma’s Pickles
7 N.E. 10th

While you probably won’t stop in for an entire jar of pickles for lunch (or maybe you will), you can get a fantastic holiday gift basket featuring the place’s infamous Cajun-inspired pickles. For less heat, try the Prissy Missy, which is mostly sweet with soft heat. Throw in some Original Split-T Theta Sauce and a jar of pepper butter for those who can take it.

Musashi’s Japanese Steakhouse
4315 N. Western


Western Avenue offers an array of shopping experiences, and hunger is bound to strike at some point. When it does, pull up a chair at the hibachi and enjoy the delicious fried rice and a sushi roll or two. Maybe even have some sake to calm the nerves. For the month of November, holiday gift cards are are 10 percent off. Get full and get stocking stuffers.

Urban Wine Works
1749 N.W. 16th

course you can get wine here, but now you can also get a delicious
brunch or lunch. Situated conveniently in the Plaza District, the spot
is ready to feed the shopping-weary. And there’s a patio, too! The new
menu includes hazelnut French toast with a side of bacon, on the brunch
side, and a blackened mahi mahi niçoise, on the lunch side.

Purple Burro
231 S. Coltrane, Edmond

by New Mexico hatch chilis, these dishes are just what you need to
power through a day of extreme shopping. The burrada — a house creation
that includes a tortilla filled with chicken or brisket, rice and
jalapeños — is flash-fried and smothered in verde or queso.

It’s served with a side of sour cream, lettuce, pico and guac. Wash it down with a $1.50 margarita.

Zarate’s Latin Mexican Grill
706 S. Broadway, Edmond

is the home of the Beerita, a 12-ounce margarita served with an
upside-down Coronita for extra kick. Come hungry, because the
traditional Latin menu is packed with choices, from Honduran banana-leaf
tamales to the Mexican botana, served with fried jalapeños, avocado,
grilled onions and Mexican potatoes. You’ll find soups, salads and
vegetarian platters, as well.

Das Boot Camp
229 E. Main, Norman

a mug of beer from the table to your mouth is the kind of rep you can
expect from this boot camp. Carbs will be encouraged, in order to drink
more of the hand-crafted Royal Bavarian beer. Try the Schnitzel
sandwich, a hand-breaded pork loin with a lemon-caper aioli, or the Jager
Roast, pork shoulder roast topped with mushroom-bacon gravy.

Photos by Shannon Cornman and Mark Hancock

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