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Custard Factory

1000 E. Alameda, Norman


things first: Try the custard cookie ($3.09). Choose your frozen
custard flavor, which will be smooshed between two cookies. Have your
pick between double chocolate, chocolate-chip vanilla or peanut butter
chocolate-chip cookies. If you’re on the go, grab a fudge brownie sundae
($4.09). On Sunday, enjoy an oldfashioned banana split for $3.

Orange Leaf

849 S.W. 119th


most difficult thing about Orange Leaf is trying to decide on a flavor
and topping combination. With frozen yogurt flavors like coffee, red
velvet and lychee, it’s possible to make everyone happy at this locale.
Top your fro-yo with fruit like mango or pear, or get quirky with Fruity
Pebbles or sunflower seeds. You’ll be charged by the ounce, so pack on
as many treats as you’d like!

Sara Sara Cupcakes

7 N.W. Ninth


breakfast, try its bacon, egg and cheese cupcake ($3.25) or maybe a
cinnamon roll cupcake ($3.25) if you’re in the mood for sweets. Make
sure you take the daily special ($3.25) with you, which ranges from
carrot to triple white chocolate. If you’re dining in, don’t miss out on
the milk bar. You can get a glass ($3) of white, chocolate, strawberry
or its seasonal flavor.

Raspberries ’n’ Creme

2925 Lakeside Circle


you’ve never had the treat of a Raspberries ’n’ Creme creation, get on
the phone now and place that order. Perfect for summer is the strawberry
and banana dream cake ($23.50-$33.50), a white cake layered with
bananas, strawberries, whipped cream and Italian cream. The whole thing
is iced with whipped cream and topped with seasonal flowers. It’s a
delight from first sight to last bite. The bakery also caters weddings.

42nd Street Candy Co.

4200 N. Western


you ever wished for a candy buffet? Of course you have. Make that dream
a reality at 42nd Street Candy. From candy-coated chocolates
($11.50/pound) in every color imaginable, to truffles ($1.50-$5.50) to
saltwater taffy ($6.99/ pound), you’ll be more than impressed with the
selection in this little sugar-filled haven. Create a blue- or
pink-themed gift for a new baby with Sixlets ($9/pound) or “It’s a boy
(or girl)!” suckers and Jelly Belly jelly beans.

CocoFlow Chocolate Cafe

100 E. Main


on a macchiato ($2.75) or drinking chocolate ($3.75) while you munch on
a petite cake ($2.50) or handcrafted biscotti ($2). If you’re in a
generous mood, create a truffle box ($16-$60) out of the more than 15
flavors. Bonbon boxes ($16-$54) make perfect gifts or treats after a
busy week at work. Want to learn how to make truffles at home? Check out for details.

Pinkitzel Cupcakes & Candy

150 E. E.K. Gaylord


means extravagance in the world of sweets. OK, not really. It actually
is a combo of the word “pink” and Yiddish word “kitzel,” which means
tickled. You’ll be tickled pink at the selection in this candy emporium.
From blueberry cheesecake cupcakes to taffy, you’re in for a treat. The
shop has three party rooms to be used for your events and will even
deliver you if you’re having a sweet emergency. Like them on Facebook or
stay updated at

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