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OKG7 veggie-heavy eats



Pho Kim Long
1121 N.W. 23rd

If you’ve been searching for hearty veggie-only pho, not just a few carrots and pieces of corn, then your pursuit can end here (unfortunately, the broth is still meat-based). It’s no wimpy dish. Enjoy the lightly browned tofu, baby corn, carrots, sprouts, fresh jalapeños and parsley. It’s plenty for two, so share or save for lunch the next day! Don’t neglect the buffet, which has a plethora of veggie-friendly options, too.

Saturn Grill
6432 Avondale

The grilled veggie sandwich will make you wonder why you’ve ever eaten anything other than zucchini, portobello mushrooms, onion, red peppers, spinach, tomatoes and pesto on grilled flatbread. Get it with your favorite side like the sweet strawberries and spinach salad or the fettuccine carbonara.

4900 N. May

When you have an Indian buffet at your fingertips, it’s very easy to eat all veggies. From vegetable kormas to curried lentils, your taste buds won’t even miss the meat. If you feel like splurging, try the deep-fried spinach coated with a flavorful batter. And never pass up the homemade naan.

The Earth Natural Cafe
746 Asp, Norman

Everyone loves sushi, and it’s pretty filling. What about a pumpkin smoothie?

Whether you’re craving something sweet or something salty, you can
count on organic vegan treats at this charming cafe. Like it on Facebook
to stay up to date on daily specials like cream of mushroom soup and
organic vanilla bean cake.

Green & Grilled
8547 N. Rockwell

about a happy plate! You can get steamed veggies, several kinds of rice
or baked potato, alongside a fresh mixed salad with carrots and
turnips. For the main protein, opt for the grilled tofu, and order
yourself some seasonal fruit for dessert.

Simply Falafel
343 S. Blackwelder, Edmond

the thing about falafel: It’s a deep-fried ball of chickpeas, so it’s
impossible for it to be anything but delicious. At Simply Falafel, get
it in a patty and pair it with some marinated mushrooms and olives with
feta. Get it in a salad if you prefer, and the chefs will top it off
with some greens, tomatoes, cucumbers and house-made dressing.

Rococo Northpark
12252 N. May

Coast, meet Midwest. Don’t neglect Rococo’s menu if you want something a
little nicer for an evening out. The chefs have worked hard to design
hearty entrees that are not based around meat. Try linguine with
spinach, basil and wild mushrooms or the Rotini South Philly Style, a
dish with roasted red bell peppers, kalamata olives, eggplant and
sun-dried tomato pesto.

Photos by Shannon Cornman and Mark Hancock

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