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Margarita Island & Cantina
8135 N.W. 10th

A fellow Gazetteer likes
the libations of Margarita Island. Import and domestic beer and mixed
drinks — frozen and on the rocks — abound. There’s a patio, smoking is
allowed inside and you won’t want to miss the fire pit.

2601 Northwest Expressway

iconic Oklahoma City haunt has long been a favorite of state
legislators and business bigwigs. If politics and commerce aren’t your
thing, but brandy is, make a special trip for its signature Brandy Ice.

Grandad’s Bar
317 N.W. 23rd

those who prefer a nonsmoking environment, said one tobacco-free
colleague, try the Stump Jumper at Grandad’s: a shot of Old Grand-Dad
whiskey and a Coors Banquet beer. And many local brews are on tap.

427 S.W. Grand

one of our staffers, nothing says summer like Chelino’s patio and a
Tecate “in the large frosted goblets with salt and lime.” Not craving
ice-cold brew? Chelino’s has margarita enthusiasts covered, too.

Blu Fine Wine & Food
201 S. Crawford, Norman

For one Gazette team
member, this place hits the spot “because it’s a fun atmosphere and
easy on the wallet.” Don’t be intimidated by the name. The wine list is
divided into six categories, or choose a flight to sample several wines.

Red Piano Lounge
1 Park Ave.
Skirvin Hilton Hotel

Visit the bar in the Skirvin Hilton Hotel for the Great Scott. Consisting of gin and chopped cucumber, it is, in the words of a Gazette vet, “a great summer drink.” Oh, and be sure to cruise the expansive martini menu.

Mama Roja’s Mexican Kitchen
9219 Lake Hefner

One of the newest Gazette staffers
chooses Mama Roja’s Perfect Margarita as her adult beverage of choice —
“for the view and the whole shaker full of margarita.” For the
tequila-timid, opt for the house-made sangria.

Photos by Shannon Cornman, Mark Hancock and Heather Brown

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