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Oklahoma appears to be out of the Net



Chicken-Fried News was checking out the interwebs yesterday " you know, just stopping by "The Google" before heading to our favorite AOL chat room where we LMAO <@: ) " when we stumbled upon an interesting report: Oklahoma has one of the nation's lowest rates for Internet access.

According to a study based off of Census Bureau stats from 2007, 42 percent of Sooners live in a home without a way to get onto the Web " no Internet? Can we still call that a "home?" A story from KSWO-TV out of Lawton said Oklahoma ranks No. 46, with only bastions of modernism such as Mississippi, West Virginia, Alabama and Arkansas ranking lower.

But, hand off that mouse. Before you go scurrying to your blog, Deano Cox, spokesperson for AT&T, had a little something to add.

"Oklahoma is one of the very first states in the nation now that we have more wireless customers using wireless devices than land line devices. So that number could be skewed based on where that analysis came from."

So, which shining towers on the hill have the most Internet access? According to the report, that goes to New Hampshire, Massachusetts and Alaska. Alaska? Are you serious? Come on! We all know the only reason the northern giant made it on the list is because of the plague of bears that regularly head online for new broiled backpacker recipes.

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