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Oklahoma bands new, known take center stage at Tulsa's Dfest

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IN: auto 0in">Lusk sees the benefit in playing a festival crowd versus a typical show with just support acts and headliners.

"Personally, I think anything is beneficial if a band is willing to take advantage of it," he said, "but naturally at a festival, I find that a lot of people are there just for the festival. People that enjoy music want to get out there and experience it."

Last year, HHC opened for hip-hop headliners The Roots on one of the festival's outdoor stages, a crowd Lusk estimated to be the band's largest since winning KHBZ-FM's 2007 "March Bandness" competition, which yielded HHC a slot opening for high-profile rockers AFI at an Oklahoma City show.

"Outside of that anomaly, our Dfest shows have been our largest. Pretty much everyone who wasn't in a small club, we had the fortune to play for while they were passing by," Lusk said.

Oklahoma natives The Uglysuit have seen some serious career changes since playing last year's festival. With a European tour and lots of indie media hype under its belt, The Uglysuit has briefly returned home to write, record and headline at 6 p.m. Saturday on the festival's Poseidon Stage, set up near Second Street and Elgin Avenue.

"We played last year, and I really enjoyed it," said the band's Kyle Mayfield. "It was the first time we'd played, and there was a good turnout. A really fun show. The whole festival in general is so nice and open."

Although the venue's a little bigger this year, Mayfield isn't sure much else has changed.

"Usually at local shows, a lot of friends come out, and it's just a big party with all these people we know instead of strangers," he said. "I don't think anything's changed too much."

Playing for the home state team, Stasinopoulos said he is eager to hear headliner Other Lives, a Stillwater band playing 6 p.m. Friday at the Poseidon Stage, and Lusk and Nghiem are both anticipating another Stillwater favorite, Mayola, slated to play 11 p.m. Saturday at the Electric Circus Stage.

Dozens of local acts will join scores of nationally known performers and musicians.

Dfest Music Festival & Conference  takes place Friday and Saturday at Tulsa's Blue Dome District.

Tickets are for one-day pass $36 advance, $50 day of (door or online), two-day pass $52 advance, $65 day of (online only) and two-day VIP pass $185 advance, $250 day of (door or online). "Becky Carman


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