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Oklahoma beauty queen in more club-related legal trouble



Remember Okie beauty queen Laci Kay Scott's dust-up with a New York City strip club? No? Well, good, because we're about to recycle some material in this little update.

According to The Cleveland Leader earlier this spring, 2005 Miss USA semi-finalist Laci Kay Scott filed suit against Ten's Gentlemens Club for using her image on "free admis­sion" palm cards without her consent to promote "private table dancing" and "personal rooms." The 22-year-old said the appropriation has been "personally dis­tressing and embarrassing."

Now, the situation gets even more embarrassing for Scott, as the New York Post reports that Ten's lawyers called the suit frivolous because she's "a nobody."

"Before this suit was filed, nobody had ever heard of her," Ten's attorney Joan Toro was quoted as telling the judge. "This is a nobody who filed a claim "¦ and has brought attention to her nonex­istent career."

What in the name of Carrie Prejean is up with Toro, batting around personal pronouns with an intent to sting like that? And, if it's true, is Scott related to Norman Nobody? Can she get CFN a good deal on a company Jeep? Preferably while in a bikini?

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