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Oklahoma boasts highest rates of multiple matrimonies



Relax, Oklahoma. We may not become national champions in college football, but the Sooner State kicks ass when it comes to residents who know how to say "I do" several times over.

According to an AP report, newly released census data shows that "Oklahoma has the highest rate of people who have been married three times or more." So that makes us, like, triple awesome!

That nuptials nugget is part of an overall trend that finds marrieds rising by almost 6 million people in 2008, reversing a 10-year decline. (Naturally, the number of divorcees rose, too.)

Despite what all those "marriage is sacred" crusaders might think, this is good news, right? Three or more weddings means three or more of everything, spending-wise " perhaps just the shot in the arm this economy needs. So, folks, keep promising to honor and obey, even if you don't mean it. The more times you take that trip down the aisle, the more the cash registers ring.

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