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Oklahoma charted as Red 'Coke' state



While scientists work toward finding a cure for cancer and other horrible diseases, one-time California Institute of Technology student Alan McConchie's Internet presence continues conducting research that affects us all: the pop vs. soda debate.


Via his Web site at, McConchie has aimed to "plot the regional variations in the use of the terms 'pop' and 'soda' to describe carbonated soft drinks." He's also thrown "Coke" as a generic term into the mix, and respondents are asked to enter their hometown, state and ZIP code.


A color-coded map of the United States tells all. While it hasn't been updated in years, Oklahoma is primarily a red state: red being the color associated with those who ask for a carbonated beverage with the word "Coke," whether it be a Coke, Pepsi, Dr Pepper, 7UP or " to get really specific " Cragmont Grapefruit.


Considering Arcadia's new drink-laden gas station/diner is named Pops, perhaps a seismic shift toward "pop" is in the cards.


The site also features a more detailed map " including statistics by county " created by Matthew Campbell and cartography professor Greg Plumb at Ada's East Central University, proving academia has more fizz than we once thought.

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