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Oklahoma City-filmed movie starring some performers you might recognize set for DVD release



What new release will you be taking home from the DVD store next Tuesday? The Disney family hit "Enchanted"? Will Smith's post-apocalyptic blockbuster "I Am Legend"? Or will it be "Fingerprints"?


Yeah, "Fingerprints." You know, the horror thriller about the ghosts of dead kids who push cars across railroad tracks? No? Stars Lou Diamond Phillips? Still nothing? Well, it was largely shot in Guthrie and Oklahoma City, so that alone should be reason enough to put it in your Netflix queue.


With a cast that includes "Laguna Beach"'s Kristin Cavalleri, Oscar nominee Sally Kirkland, some guy from "Desperate Housewives," Juliette Lewis' dad, Joey Lawrence's little brother and several local thesps like Ben Hall, Morgan Brown and Darryl Cox, "Fingerprints" is based on a Texas urban legend, according to its sibling writers/producers, Brian and Jason Cleveland.


This marks the second film for the brothers Cleveland, following up 2006's "Soul's Midnight," which also lensed in OKC. (Of that Armand Assante vampire picture, Oklahoma Gazette film critic Doug Bentin raved in these very pages, "Parts of (it) work well, but the film doesn't fit together as a coherent whole.")


"Fingerprints" takes place in a small Texas town, but the Sooner State's more attractive tax incentives prompted locales like Guthrie's Stone Lion Inn to substitute for all things Lone Star, the boys told The Hollywood Reporter. Attention, Tinseltown: When it comes to shooting movies about phantom children leaving greasy marks on your auto bumper, Oklahoma is your place. Just please don't bring Helen Hunt back with you. - Gazette staff

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