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Oklahoma City man goes from witness to alleged suspect



According to a story in The Oklahoman, Oklahoma City police arrested a man who was a witness to a hit-and-run accident near N.W. 63rd and Portland Avenue. Seems odd to arrest a witness who hung around after the accident to speak with police on what he saw. It is usually commendable for a bystander to aid the victim of a crash.

But Steven James Brown, 33, may have had other ideas of lending himself to the situation. Police said the victim of the accident, after talking with the cops, went back to his vehicle to get something out. As police were waiting for the 89-year-old man to retrieve his item from the car, an officer said he saw Brown take the victim's wallet out his back pocket. Brown then walked off to a nearby convenience store, according to the story.

When police arrested Brown, they found he allegedly had taken $125 in cash and over $3,000 in checks from the victim. He was booked on complaints of interfering with an official process and grand larceny. His bail was set at $2,000.

This incident provides an object lesson for our intern, Bucky. It would be bad enough if an elderly man wrecked and Bucky just took off, but if he were helping him with the police and then turned around to take the man's wallet, that would just be plain wrong. What would CFN's punishment be for Bucky? Cleaning hog pens or a prolonged dip in the Oklahoma River.

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