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Oklahoma City man has his prosthetic leg stolen



Here at the CFN news desk, we're disturbed to discover the existence of " it seems " a few people in Oklahoma City-ville with hearts two sizes too small.


According to a KOCO-TV Channel 5 report, police are looking into an attack recently made on a homeless man downtown. The assailants took the man's prosthetic leg.


Glen Parker, said victim, told the station that he woke up to being beaten and kicked after passing out Dec. 4.


"I drank the whole fifth," he said. "The next thing I knew, my leg was gone " my cane and everything. That's it. So be it."


Paramedics were only able to tape (yes, tape) Parker's "shoe to his ankle," according to the story. Parker told KOCO he lost his foot above his ankle two years ago, and that living on the street was difficult enough with only one foot.


Wade McPeak, who has been keeping an eye out for Parker since the incident, said the man is unable to walk or go anywhere.


"I just hope anyone "¦ that took his leg "¦ would have enough courtesy to give it back to him because, obviously, he's the one who needs it and not them," McPeak told KOCO.


A new prosthetic could cost up to several thousand dollars, according to the story.

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