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Oklahoma City man tries to sell drugs with side of grenades allegedly



We're all about 'splosions here at Chicken Fried News, because here's another entry that goes out with a bang.

From comes the story of Corenzo Manuel Gonzalez, just a businessman trying to make it in this economy. Y'know, sometimes you need to throw in something special to make that sale, which is just what Gonzalez was allegedly doing. Of course, the rules are a bit different if you're a major drug dealer and that amazing one-time offer is a grenade.

Not Gatorade. Not a trip to Grenada. A hand grenade " the type that goes boom.

An undercover officer recounted in court papers how Gonzalez, 38, who goes by the name Hector Osvaldo Delara Jr. in OKC, allegedly sold cocaine, methamphetamine and guns to the undercover Drug Enforcement Administration officer during six meetings.

Here's how we imagine it all went down: For a limited time only, we're pleased to also offer you this exciting opportunity to get your hands on not one, not two, but a multitude of hand grenades! (Was the alleged offer only valid with the purchase of one pound of meth, valued at $19,300?)

Yup, that's right. The undercover cop reported that Gonzalez/Delara "asked me if I was interested in purchasing hand grenades. Delara said he had a source for the grenades."

Who has a hand grenade source, we ask you? We can barely find a reputable source for fresh fruit and veggies, let alone illegal weaponry.

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