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Oklahoma City mayor waxes lyrically



Oklahoma City Mayor Mick Cornett was feeling quite lyrical delivering his State of the City address Jan. 31 before bigwigs at the Cox Business Services Convention Center.


Cornett delivered a speech that covered four main topics: education, health, the future Core to Shore project and the proposed Ford Center upgrade. That heavy subject matter didn't stop the mayor from name-checking " and quoting " The Flaming Lips.


"Oklahoma City's own Grammy Award-winning Flaming Lips once asked, in their hit song of the same name: 'Do you realize that you have the most beautiful face?'" Cornett said. "Well, with apologies to Wayne Coyne, I ask you today, do you realize that we live in the most beautiful place?"


Cornett then rattled off 11 "do you realize" questions that included wondering if the audience knew the city's air quality is "really good." Take a deep breath, and don't forget to exhale.


City fathers also unveiled the "Big League City" campaign to encourage passage of a March 4 vote to levy a sales tax for a Ford Center upgrade with the intent of luring an NBA franchise.


Those attending the lunchtime soiree were handed a very subtle signup sheet asking them to check off various ways they could help with the "Big League City" campaign. CFN intern Bucky, who attended the event for the Big League (and free) roast beef, selected the "Writing a letter to the editor" category. Good luck on that.

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