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Oklahoma City neighborhood hosts Clinton campaign officials



A strange sight took place in the Crown Heights neighborhood during the morning hours on a recent Thursday.


One of Crown Heights' more prominent residents is Democratic Party activist Mike Turpen and his wife, Susan. Along with being a good Democrat, Mike Turpen served the state as attorney general in the Eighties and ran for governor in 1986.


Turpen has stayed in the political arena through his co-hosting of the Sunday morning talk show "Flashpoint." He is also a devout Clinton supporter, helping both Bill and Hillary in their quests for the White House.


On Jan. 17, the Turpens opened up their home for the Clinton campaign, hosting a small party for Clinton's campaign chief of staff, Tamera Luzzatto. She spoke to a group of nearly 100 women in the Turpen household.


The visit was co-hosted by former Oklahoma Gazette associate editor Pam Fleischaker, as well as former Tulsa mayor and current Oklahoma Secretary of State Susan Savage.


Of course, throwing a party where 100 guests show up means one thing: turning a street into a parking lot.


Neighbors and drivers in the Crown Heights area near the Turpen house on the corner of N.W. 38th Street and N. Shartel Avenue found the street lined with Lexus and Mercedes vehicles. The high-roller cars fit nicely in a row along 38th Street and wrapped around the corner, making another row on Shartel. It looked like the parking lot of Oak Tree Golf and Country Club.

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