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Oklahoma City Web site names 100 top embarrassments



In the spirit of the centennial year, Chicken-Fried News' second favorite Oklahoma Web site has come up with a unique idea to celebrate the state's 100th birthday. The folks at decided a list of Oklahoma's top 100 embarrassments was needed. We at CFN are glad we didn't make the list.


At the top of the list was the Sooner state's testosterone-full, singing country boy Toby Keith. The Moore native has become as synonymous with his presence on University of Oklahoma football sidelines as his macho man song lyrics. He definitely has become Oklahoma's big dog daddy.


Both of the state's U.S. senators made the list " we're shocked, shocked! In fact, the Republican dynamic duo of James Inhofe and Tom Coburn ranked in the top 10. It does become an embarrassment when the Senate votes 98-2 on a bill and you immediately know who the two nay votes are.


There were some obvious choices like roads and bridges (No. 86); Garth Brooks' alter ego Chris Gaines (No. 81); the man who never ran for an office he didn't like, E.Z. Million (No. 68); the one-year debacle of OU head coach Howard Schnellenberger (No. 66), and his successor John Blake (No. 26); as well as Brian Bosworth's alter ego The Boz (No. 46); and the movie "Twister" (No. 25).


Two cities made the list: Bethany (No. 30) and Boise City (No. 45).


There also was a cadre of celebrities on the list, several most folks didn't even know were from Oklahoma, including Gary Busey (No. 41), Paul Harvey (No. 51), scandal-plagued U.S. Rep. Gary Condit (No. 67), Chuck Norris (No. 80), Mary Hart (No. 73), Rue McClanahan (No. 72) and Ron Howard (No. 71). Tom Cruise also placed on the list at No. 77 since one of his break-in films, "The Outsiders," was filmed in the state.


Music groups Hanson and Color Me Badd were not excluded, at No. 64 and No. 49, respectively. But they didn't rank as high as Hinder at No. 4.


Also included were disgraced forensic chemist Joyce Gilchrist (No. 18) and the erroneous conviction of Ron Williamson (No. 59).


Probably the only item on the list CFN would disagree with is TheLostOgle placing itself on the list at No. 87. We hardly can get through the day without checking to see what those LostOgle boys are doing.

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