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Oklahoma City woman awarded with \"The Melting Pot\" fondue for a year



Among Bricktown restaurants, everyone has a favorite. Sports nuts go to The Varsity Sports Grill. Spice lovers head for Chelino's Mexican Restaurant. Coma patients dig The Melting Pot.


In June, Oklahoma City resident Jill Finley, 32, emerged from a two-week coma as the plug was pulled and told her husband, Ryan, "Get me out of here. Take me to Ted's and take me to The Melting Pot."


As a result, Melting Pot execs gave Finley a year's worth of free fondue (where would you keep all that?) and flew her out to the company's Sept. 20 annual meeting and awards dinner, where she was scheduled to share the story of her medical miracle and cheese-dippin' craving.


Chicken-Fried News congratulates Finley on her recovery and wishes her many happy days ahead of spearing strawberries into liquid chocolate. Now, if you'll excuse us, we're going to pull a Rip Van Winkle and hope Hideaway Pizza takes notice.

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