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Oklahoma City Yard Dawgz team boasts mascot of the year



Those who have perused last week's and this week's issues of Oklahoma Gazette may have noticed our state ain't so great when it comes to high walkability and low teen smoking rates. Such news gives us pause and makes us wonder, "Are we good at anything?"

Yes! According to the Oklahoma City Yard Dawgz, our local arenafootball2 league team (did we miss the arenafootball1?), we now can proudly proclaim our very own Deizel Dawg as the af2 Mascot of the Year. The honor was bestowed upon the (parents, cover your children's eyes "¦ now!) not-a-real-animal-but-just-a-guy-in-a-suit mutt in the league's year-end awards.

Deizel also claimed top spot in the category of Mascot of the Year video. The Dawgz received awards in half a dozen other categories, thereby besting all other franchises. (One third-place award was in Best Promotion Item, for something called the "6-foot-5 Al Hunt growth chart.")

Too bad there wasn't a category for Most Creative Mascot Misspelling, because we think Deizel Dawg would have that one sewn up.

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