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Oklahoma City's 'nothing' water is a good thing, really



Here's a nice little picker-upper for those who don't think Oklahoma City gets enough good news: Our water tastes like nothing. No, no " that's good.


As reported by Reuters, "a neutral water that tastes of nothing won the 'best of the best' award" at a recent annual competition to find "North America's finest drinking water."

That winner was Oklahoma City water, which outranked 10 other finalists in the contest, which was held alongside the American Water Works Association conference in Toronto.


The 2005 and 2006 winner " Champaign, Illinois-based Illinois American Water " was not a finalist this year, according to Reuters. Wow, Oklahoma City beat out a town named after a drink. Pretty snazzy.


"The winning water in its nothingness and neutrality, pleased all of the judges," said guest judge Jennifer Bain, food editor for the Toronto Star. "It had no odor, no taste. "¦ It wasn't oily, which was exactly what we were looking for."


Reuters reported "a beaming Harold Ceifert" " the executive director for Oklahoma City Water and Wastewater Utilities Southwest Section " said the keys to the victory were "love and care."


"We operate two water treatment plants and it's a continuous competition between operators at both plants to produce the best tasting water they can," he said.


Nice to know the boys down in sewage have goals. Who knew wastewater needed so much love and care? We just thought it needed chemicals.


However, Chicken-Fried News may have found the secret to the city's nothing-like water. It can be found in the title of this press release sent out in June: "City warns residents not to release swimming pool water into storm drains."


Once again, investigative journalism at its finest.

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