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Oklahoma college auctions year's tuition on eBay



Perhaps not as famous (or infamous?) as the man who squeezed into his ex-wife's wedding dress, but right up there in oddity, a small Oklahoma college recently auctioned off a year's worth of tuition on eBay.


Schooling at Oklahoma Wesleyan University in Bartlesville found a place on the site's "other" category alongside voltage converters (?), a we-kid-you-not Scottish sporting estate (at the time a steal at 50 bucks), an umbrella and way too many disturbing photos of scantily clad women Bucky wishes he could forget.


While the CFN intern is scratching his head about the ethics of "selling" education, the point, admitted Mike Colaw, special assistant to the vice president at said university, was to "create a buzz," The Associated Press reported.


Hmm. Bucky's not sure if a buzz is what the approximately 1,030-student university got or not. As of press time, only 12 bidders had participated in the auction, which had been going on for almost a week.


But what the winner might have gotten (bidding, alas, was not closed by press time), was a not-so-great bargain: Altogether, tuition, room and board at the school cost about $23,000 annually, AP reported. The high bid at press time? More than $18,000. (A break of three or four grand might be a nice discount, but $18,000 is more than some journalism grads make in a year!)


All a bit ironic considering OWU Executive Vice President Bob Myers' comment in the Bartlesville Examiner-Enterprise: "There are some colleges and universities that are freezing tuition now because it's so high and we were really "¦ a little bit tired of the elitist attitude about tuition."


Hmm. If $18,000 a year isn't still elitist " no matter how lowbrow the marketing ploy " we're in the wrong field.

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