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Oklahoma commentators end radio show



The grand experiment of a one-hour political talk radio show is no more. After nearly a year of cracking jokes, the program known as the "Tailgate Political Hour" on station KTLR-AM 890 goes off the air at the end of this week.


Debuting on the five-year anniversary of the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, the "Tailgate" spent the past nine months poking at everything from President George W. Bush's tumbling approval ratings to referees handing victory to the University of Oregon.


The show's creators and co-hosts, Kyle Loveless and Keith Gaddie, are taking their cue from the prez.


"After getting a vote of confidence from the president, Kyle and I are taking time off to spend more time with our families," Gaddie said.


If only that were the truth.


Loveless, a longtime Republican activist and consultant, is running for the state Senate. He is vying for the Senate District 45 post, which is being vacated by term-limited Sen. Kathleen Wilcoxsen.


Gaddie will continue to be heard on the air. He will be a contributing host and commentator for KGOU-FM 106.3, a National Public Radio station.


The Keith-and-Kyle duo were kind to Oklahoma Gazette, featuring a weekly appearance from the newspaper's staff.


Gaddie pointed out the co-hosts' prognosticating prowess: "We were the first to call Brad Henry's re-election victory " on Sept. 12, 2006."

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