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Oklahoma congressional representative turns into autograph hound



According to Robert G. Kaiser, associate editor at The Washington Post, the president routinely signs autographs as he's leaving the Chamber of the United States House of Representatives after his State of the Union address. That doesn't mean it looks subtle when these signature shenanigans are shown on national television.


Oklahoma's own U.S. Rep. Mary Fallin went into autograph-hound mode following George W. Bush's Jan. 28 speech, asking the commander in chief for more than one program with his John Hancock. Fallin's aggressive approach was shown on cable television.


"Well, I thought it was a great speech," Fallin said after Bush delivered his words of wisdom, according to an audio clip link at Oklahoma Political News Service. "The president laid out a very clear plan of action for Congress, asked us to deal with very specific issues from economic security to the stimulus package. (He) asked us not to raise taxes, talked about earmark reform, curbing our spending and, of course, the rebates to our working families, and also the incentives that we have for businesses to create investment and jobs.


"He also talked a lot about national security and how important it was to protect America, some of the challenges that we face around the world with terrorism. And, of course, he dealt with immigration and health care reform, No Child Left Behind. I thought he gave us some good things to work on this session and also gave us a clear plan of action."


Considering those words of high praise, Chicken-Fried News doubts Fallin will be selling W's autographs on eBay.

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