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Oklahoma County jail inmates sport black and white instead of orange



Continuing this week's incarceration theme at Chicken-Fried News, let's talk prisoner fashion. Stripes are the new orange at the Oklahoma County jail, according to a recent story in The Oklahoman.

Some inmates facing murder charges at the jail are sporting black-and-white striped ones instead of the hunter orange, the story said.

Jail administrator Jack Herron told The Oke that inmates assigned to the 12th floor special housing now wear the striped uniforms to differentiate them from other inmates.

Herron said the new fashion is for inmates being disciplined or higher-profile cases. The wardrobe won't change for the rest of the population " it's still last season's bright orange.

"We're still using the oranges for everyone else," Herron said.

State Jail Inspector Don Garrison said he was glad Oklahoma County is using the distinctive suits for risky rascals, saying he wishes the jail would go further. Some jails in the state don't even dress the inmates into different outfits that might distinguish them from guests or even employees, he said. He noted that Pittsburgh County is going to color-coordinate their inmates by classification.

"I really think it's a good idea," Garrison said.

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